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We recommend and provide TattooGoo aftercare cream for our customers free of charge. Bamboo tattoos heal much faster than machine tattoos, but you still need to take care of them for the best results.

After you receive your bamboo tattoo, your artist will apply petroleum jelly and then cover with plastic- after a couple hours you can remove the plastic (it is to protect from dirt and the elements while your skin is most irritated and open). When you shower, your tattoo can get wet but do not rub it or apply soap to it for the first day. You can apply TattooGoo or Vaseline throughout the day over the next few days to keep it moisturized. It is recommended that you do not swim for 2 days (2 weeks for machine). Try not to disrupt the skin as much as possible over the next week, IE if you got a tattoo covering your foot, wearing scuba flippers 2 days later may irritate it.

Enjoy your new art piece 🙂